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tv   Assignment 7  ABC  October 2, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm PDT

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i'm terry mcsweeney. today on our program, urban reverse. growing movement to turn neighborhood trees destined for mulch to one of a kind masterpieces. plus.... >> airline tickets for low prices, 7 on your side michael finney on why you can't always trust craigslist and bay area shop that help dreams come true. wine growers in oregon are getting good news. climate change will improve growing conditions and improve the quality of their wine. as wayne freedman reports, the same study doesn't paint a rosy future for napa valley. >> for cabernet, this was the perfect 85 degree day, the plants like them and people that grow them like them even more. he runs vintner operations for mondavi. a new study a climate researcher
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the effects of global warming on california wine and conclusions are a little scary. he predicts a two degree rise in temperature that could render some of the areas unfit for premium vintages. >> the area for suitable for premium wine production is likely to decrease over the next 30 years as a result of global warming. >> according to the study, biggest danger is not from a temperature rise of 2 degrees but from the effect of very hot days on these vines. right now, you'll get 30 days a year where the temperature exceeds 95 degrees but in 30 years, they may see 40 hot days. >> so in the foreseeable future, it would be irresponsible for us to be calling a death knell in napa vel. >> this isn't a compliment change debate but one about
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claim change study. they published their own study where night temperatures have increased by one degree and day time numbers remain the same. stanford study slnt them convinced yet. >> it's too much of a broad brush, not specific enough for napa valley. >> they recommend lower quality grapes. growers aren't so sure that is necessary. >> i don't think it will end premium wine production but we need to adapt how we're growing them. >> we're looking at pre-decade warning. a bay area man used craigslist to buy airline tickets and wound up flying what he says was big trap and changed his son's future. >> dominic was thrilled to be accepted to st. john's university in new york but he never been there. so hisher pla father planned a y
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visited and searched for airfares he could afford. this ad caught his eye, airline tickets for low prices. he e-mailed the seller and right away he heard back. seller said he used his frequent flyer miles and purchased two tickets for $130 each and sell them for 280 apiece. >> it was nonstop flight. it was cheaper. >> so the seller broke the reservations and he received this itinerary directly from american airlines. tickets had to be purchased by midnight. he went to this bank of america branch and deposited cash directly into his account. >> he said confirm it. we were up at midnight and waiting for it and midnight came by and nothing happened. >> no one had paid for the
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tickets. i told my son, no, we have to have faith. you got to have faith. >> he told police he had been swindled. it worked like this. he reserved the seats which generated this itinerary but however there was were no tickets until someone paid for them. he told police he never did buy the tickets. he just took the money. >> i felt sick to my stomach. >> more than money, the incident changed their lives. dominic never got to visit st. john's so he decided not to go to school there after all. >> i really wouldn't want to go across the country i've never been before to a school i've never seen. >> he became obsessed to bringing down the man that stole his money. he launched a website exposition
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go his name accusing him of an ongoing scam and he found other websites. he e-mailed him repeatedly pleading with him to return the money. he filed complaints and he called me at 7 on your. doctor 7 on your side. >> it's a big problem. >> we asked bank of america why his accounts remain open despite complaints. bank told us we do not typically close accounts made solely on an accusation by a third party. we cooperated fully with law enforcement. as an airline sells us we first learned of the scam late last year when other passengers called thinking they had tickets too. american shut down his frequent flyer account in december and bank of america shut down the bank account after his complaints.
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>> it's not going to stop everybody in the world but i did stop zblim they are investigating the case as financial crime and wanted you to be warned. if you see a low cost deal online, let it raise a red flag. make sure you have the item in hand and before you pay. making an airline reservation doesn't mean you have a ticket. there is a growing movement to turn neighborhood trees destined for mulch into one of a kind works of art. here is dan ashley. >> this tree in oakland has to be cut down because it is undermining a retaining wall. tree trimmers will take it apart and chip the branches to use for mulch but the biggest parts will be spared and end up at an oakland lumberyard. >> there is stuff you don't expect. >> he sees the beauty in the
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wood. they take trees from urban settings and ages the wood and resulting timber will be targeted to homes and restaurants like this one in the berkeley. >> the urban trees have a history. they cut off the limbs and makes the wood have a lot of character. >> it's part of a growing movement around the bay area and across the nation. it may, friends to the urban forest will hold the first urban wood conference here in the presidio. >> necessity brought together experts, and woodworkers to educate them about the urban forest and talk about alternative uses for wood gathered from city landscaping and local yards. >> we see urban wood coming out of our cities in a way that it shouldn't be. it's been shipped up anrned
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into mull chs but that value is not as strong as a table. >> urban forestry tri-allows access to timber they usually can't get their hands on. >> it's often treated like garden plants and well taken care of. >> he came from ohio and wrote the book on harvesting urban timber. >> things are coming together. we are now moving to the point where we're going to have the urban forest products industry. >> this store on pacific street may be one of beneficiaries of that new industry. urban hardwood started in seattle in 2001 and now expanded to three stores specializing in wood from local communities. >> people are a little more conscious about the product that they buy. >> dan ashley, "abc 7 news." >> furniture from an urban tree does not come cheap.
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a table can cost tens of thousands of dollars. still ahead, one type of job you are most likely to find in the bay area these days and where you can go to get trained for it. and experiences of a bay area woman who followed mothers to kenya trying to raise their children dealing with hunger and disease.
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yeah but now i have nothing to eat sureou do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat the unemployment rate in california remains high but there is a huge demand for machinists. people that work for water districts and car manufacturers, the college in oakland has one of few machinist training program in the country. lyanne melendez tells us why the training is paying off. >> one-half inch from the part. >> he reshapes this slind are by removing a thin layer of steel. it'sport of a training program at laney college in oakland. students leave here with the skills to get a job at an oil refinery, chemical plant or water district. >> chevron, shell, east bay mud.
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every water district. >> here they are learning to cut new parts to repair a water involving valve. industry is concerned because there are not enough trained machine enlists the bay area. >> because of this shortage, until now companies have had to recruit workers from other companies, sometimes from out of state but on an that is getting harder to do. >> companies are now asking colleges like laney to train more of them. >> they are getting nervous about the aging work force and replacing that work force. >> money they say is the right move at the right time. >> it's growing as far as the economy is still doing strong. >> and pay is good, between $50,000 to $80,000 a year. >> that is a good aspect of it. but it's also the work.
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it helps people in ways people don't see everyday. >> i want to start a career in. i have a small child that is two years old. >> laney college is also reaching out to women like michelle rivers. head of the program says in some cases, companies come to the college to hire students before they finish the program. lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." a bay area mom who blogs about motherhood is back in the u.s. after what she calls a life changing trip to africa. what mothers in kenya go through to raise their kids. >> reporter: from the very start amy trip to kenya was a learning experience. >> we drove in a four-wheel drive vehicle down a back road
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for about half an hour. then we hiked for 15 more minutes to this tiny little mud hut. >> amy and her fellow bloggers were shadowing home health care workers to bring supplies to prevent disease. supplies come from u.s. foreign aid a fact that many kenyans are keenly aware of. these volunteers are compelled to thank the bloggers. >> the song and dance and we got off the bus and they started hugging us. all the while amy was taking notes for nightly post she wrote on mom information blog. she wants to show her readers that the tiny slice of the federal budget goats foreign aid sprams well worth it. >> i really tried to tell stories of life. >> that includes the lives of
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mothers she met that might have died but instead got deliver their babies at a health clinicn >> even though i would like to say different, they are still the same. we still have the same goal. we want to see them as kids. we like happy, healthy parents. >> it's a theme she will keep writing out. >> it's good to be back because i miss my kids and miss my husband. i miss kenyan ya. still ahead, a treatment eople in g helps people in goino the dogs. a procedure that letting old creatures get a new leash on life. >> relaxing. you know, it's beyond. >> it's no fish tale. little known historic spot in san francisco.
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>> surgical procedure used to treat back pain in humans is now
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an option for pets. bay area veterinarian is helping to pioneer disk replacement for dogs. ca carolyn johnson has more. >> all right, buddy, treated run. >> watching her dog buddy bound around the park is a thrill especially when she thinks backe years ago. >> he started falling over. he would turn like he was going to chase something and fall over. >> a deteriorated disk was pressing on the spine and nerve damage would soon spread to other parts of his body. >> i thought we would have had to put him down. >> but they found walnut creek veterinarian, adamo was conducting a clinic trial of artificial disk replacement. >> why don't we do it in dogs.
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>> he and team of researchers designed this artificial disk system for dogs. after removing the damaged disk they make a slot with a device. it's used to place the artificial disk which keeps the vertebrae separated while allowing normal movement. he says the artificial disks avoid some of the risks of final disk fusion. he expects the cost of this replax placement to run $500 compared to $2,000 for a fusion. early results are encouraging. >> the first patients we had up to three years. with mri's up to two years and mri shows the disk is well in place. >> they say he regained his range of motion and kept it within the last three years. >> we are estimating his age to
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be around 13 and 14. we adopted him around nine. he had the surgery around ten. it was like we had a new dog. >> good boy. if you are looking for something different to do in san francisco, you might try the casting pool at golden gate park. heather ishimaru reports of an often overlooked historic spot in san francisco. >> across the street from the golden gate park buffalo, next-door to the san francisco police department stable, this sign to a little slice of piece and beauty that sparkle. casting pools are 1938 wpa project build for the casting club. 89-year-old armando wasn't here then but he has been here for the last 30 years. he is known as the godfather
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here. he says it hasn't changed much in the last three decades. >> pretty much the same. >> he says the club started at stone lake in 1933. >> two people had cast at the same time. people would go there. and they were able to practice casting. >> they convinced the city to build the lodge and pond. inside the lodge are ceiling lockers filled with the stuff of history. the club has 500 numbers but the ponds are also open to the public. >> relaxing. it's out in the open, listening to the birds. >> the ponds are internationally known, one of few urban places to practice and learn.
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he now teaches here. >> some people what is known as a rod that bends only in the tip. other people prefer a rod that has even action and bends further down. >> national tournaments also put it on the map but many san franciscans don't realize it's right here in their backyard. still ahead, bay area shop that helps make inventors can lulu have some beef pasta, too? -here you go, lulu. -hey?! you had an imaginary friend once, too. she's full. [ female announcer ] hamburger helper beef pasta. helpers. forty dishes, all delicious. gives us the most nutritious of gifts. but only when they are ready to be given.
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swnrootd bay area is known for innovation but even the best ideas need a place to grow. wayne freedman found such a place, a workshop at inventors pair zbleis if you prefer to hang around with those that do as opposed to others that talk about doing, then you might like this place. >> you are not a type "a" personality. >> not with him a like seth, they have worked 15 hours a day that might expand your ipad use. >> i was lying in bed streaming netflex. >> that evolved into this. >> you can use your ipad in bed in the most comfortable position
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in the world. >> it's one idea becoming reality at pet shop in san francisco. >> it's like a gymnasium for inventors, 100 a month they get access to every machine. >> i will never bet against the american spirit. >> mark has an expanding company that is getting into the spirit. we are long past the days of your grandfather's assembly line. tech shop is about empowerment. >> what we have done, we have given people access to the tools the industrial revolution for the cost of a bad coffee addiction. >> it's creativity. and they will train you. when shawn came here a year ago,
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he knew nothing about welding. now she building a soapbox car just for the fun of it. >> that drives to you learn to do the things you don't know how to do. >> with what you need to do from precise machinery to computers that help design products and talk to that machinery. this has invented and already built a prototype for an indoor golf driving range. it took only a few weeks. the stuff was right here. >> there are things that i could do here for the fraction of the cost. >> it's the catalyst for careers. this is fostering our ideas. >> for real, one ipad product just received $35,000 in development funding. if you still insist that americans don't make things anymore, take a ride down howard street and if you have an idea it's all downhill from here.oren
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on the stories on our program today, go on to our website at look under the news links on the left side for assignment 7. that is all for this edition. i'm terry mcsweeney. thanks for joining us. >> if i get justice for her, my baby can rest in peace. >> a father pleads for witnesses to come forward after his daughter is killed at party in san leandro. >> alan: a pot hole turns into a sink hole in san francisco. what caused part of a street to cleassments join
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